The Foretelling was the first Episode in series 1 of The BlackAdder. It was first broadcast on the 15 June 1983


The Episode starts on the Eve of the Battle of Bosworth Field. Richard the 3rd is talking to Richard, Duke of York. Then the Duke of york makes a speech. At the end Richards son, Edmund, stands up and says something stupid. When he sits down the two Richards and the Duke of Yorks other son, Harry, have a conversation. At the end Richard of York asks Edmund "Will you fight with us on the morrow?" to which the answer " No, I thought I'd fight with the enemy."

Edmund talks tolord Percy Percy, Duke of Northumberland. Then Baldrick turns up and is acquired by Edmund to be his Squire the next day.

The Next Day

King Richard, Richard Duke of York and Harry make a speech. The King makes a speech about men who aren't there.

Meanwhile, Edmunds Mother, Gertrude, comes to wake him up. She asks if he wanted to go to the battle to which he gets up and goes. He and Baldrick get lost and when they arrive Edmund decides they are not needed. Then he goes to the toilet in anearby bush.

Later on when Richard III tries to steal his horse Edmund mistakenly chops his head off. He doesn't realize who it is until Baldrick tells him. He then drags the body into a shed and leaves the head which Lord Percy picks up and tells Edmund he has killed the man. Only when Edmund asks him who it is does he realize what he's done. Then a man stumbles in and Edmund and Baldrick leave. But when Percy heres the man has 10 thousand pounds he can't resist.